I wanted to program a calculator and also a function that converts € into $. I can't just take 1€=0,86$ because its changing all the time. So I searched for it on bing with the TWebbrowser and test, if the Website got the info with:

ContainsText(WebBrowser1.OleObject.Document.Body.InnerHTML, '<div class="b_focusTextSmall curr_totxt">')

after this html tag: div class="b_focusTextSmall curr_totxt" comes the current value for the $. But how can I find out where the tag is located, so I can take text behind it into a string?

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    Use the Pos function to obtain the index of the substring. Then you can use Copy to obtain your substring based on this position. This being said, why not parse the text as an HTML document? – Andreas Rejbrand Sep 28 at 13:27
  • alright thanks :) English is not my mother language, so im limited for searching the web with me english vocabulary, too. I already searched with different titles on google but i found nothing... – Igerbam Sep 28 at 13:43
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    You are using a WebBrowser control that exposes access to its UI controls in a DOM tree. Rather than doing a plain string search of the raw HTML, you should instead iterate through the DOM tree looking for the specific <div> element whose class attribute has the "b_focusTextSmall curr_totxt" value you are interested in, and then you will have that element's IHTMLElement/IHTMLDivElement interface with which to read/manipulate its content directly. – Remy Lebeau Sep 28 at 19:22

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