I am using MyDac to connect MySQL and my Delphi Project, here is what is happening:

When I start the application, everything works fine but after some idle if I try to make a new search I get the error: 'Acess denied to user for routine myprocedure'

  • I'm using roles to control the permissions
  • I created a routine on mysql to run the select

After this, I need to restart the application

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  • For FireDac you make sure any connection setup code is in AfterConnect so if the connection is lost and re-established it again gets setup the way you want. See if there is something similar for mydac. – Brian Sep 28 at 19:59
  • This is probably a question to ask in DevArt forum or directly to DevArt tech support. See devart.com/mydac and click on "support" in the top menu. – fpiette Sep 29 at 7:17
  • @Brian I have a query setting a role in AfterConnect – Beatriz Duarte Sep 29 at 10:57

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