Previously I was using mongodump and mongorestore with a community edition mlab account (sandboxes) with database version 3.6. I noticed the client tools had been updated and I can just install (locally on Windows 10 machine) the Tools 100.1.1. Went to reuse exactly the same restore using command, in the format:

.\mongorestore.exe /h <hostname> /port:<port> /d <dbname> /u <username>  /p <pwd> /drop /dir '<path to data dump dir>'

This helpfully ;-) dropped my existing collections but failed to restore any of them... Key error message appeared to be:

finished restoring <dbname>.entries (0 documents, 0 failures)
Failed: <dbname>.entries: error restoring from <path to data dump dir>\entries.bson: this MongoDB deployment does not support retryable writes. Please add retryWrites=false to your connection string

I switched over to the /uri format (so that I could use a connection string), to tell the client not to use retryable writes (a feature introduced in version 4 it appears, so not used on the mlab server). After a bit of experimentation I ended up with:

.\mongorestore.exe /uri 'mongodb://<username>:<password>@<host>.mlab.com/<dbname>?retryWrites=false' /port:<hostport> /authenticationDatabase:<dbname> /drop /dir '<path to data dump dir>'

This actually authenticated, BUT then did not recognise bson files, and for each bson file in the directory showed the error:

don't know what to do with file  <path to data dump dir>\<collection>.bson

So, I think I might be missing how to enable / use the following options the new mongorestore:

  • when using the non-uri format, you can't specify retryWrites=false
  • switching to the uri format disables bson file format support

In the end I restore the old 3.6 server tools directory and did the restore that way...

Is there a simple switch I've missed in the documentation?

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