At the moment I'm getting Alfresco documents by queries like that:

select cmis:objectId from cmis:document ...

then I get the document itself by the following code:

String objectId = qresult.getPropertyValueByQueryName("d.cmis:objectId");
Document doc = (Document) session.getObject(session.createObjectId(objectId));

The problem is that when I get the document like that it seems to transfer the whole contentStream for every document which is not needed in my use-case.

Then I tried to get all properties by changing the query to:

select * from cmis:document

but this returns only the properties of the document aspect (cmis:name, ...). Is it possible to get all properties of the document without having to add all aspect with a "join" to the query?

Or is there another way to get documents with all properties but without the contentstream?

Thanks in advance


getObject() does not transfer the content stream, only metadata.
You can control what is fetched from the repository with an Operation Context.

  • Yes, you're right the contentstream is not send with the document. It is received when getContentStream is called. My mistake. Nevertheless getting all properties by query seems to be a lot faster than getting the ObjectId only, then get the document. Is there a way to get the properties of other aspects by query without having to join the other aspects? "select *" does only query the cmis properties but not the cutom properties of custom aspects. – user2423989 Sep 29 '20 at 15:05
  • No, you must do the joins if you want the properties of aspects. – Jeff Potts Oct 20 '20 at 15:24

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