I want to have a production ready Django app with Lighsail and for that I'm following two tutorials to achieve this

From the Bitnami article can see that the AWS documentation follows its Approach B: Self-Contained Bitnami Installations.

According to:

  • AWS's documentation, my blocker appears in 5. Host the application using Apache, step g.
  • Bitnami's documentation, where it says

On Linux, you can run the application with mod_wsgi in daemon mode. Add the following code in /opt/bitnami/apps/django/django_projects/PROJECT/conf/httpd-app.conf:

The blocker relates to the code I'm being asked to add, in particular the final part that has

Alias /tutorial/static "/opt/bitnami/apps/django/lib/python3.7/site-packages/Django-2.2.9-py3.7.egg/django/contrib/admin/static"
WSGIScriptAlias /tutorial '/opt/bitnami/apps/django/django_projects/tutorial/tutorial/wsgi.py'

More specifically, /home/bitnami/apps/django/. In /home/bitnami/ can only see the following folders . bitnami_application_password . bitnami_credentials . htdocs . stack

and from them the one that most likely resembles /opt/bitnami/apps/ is /home/bitnami/stack/. Thing is, inside of that particular folder, there's no django folder - at least as far as I can tell (already checked inside some of its folders, like the python one).

The workaround for me at this particular stage is to move to a different approach, Approach A: Bitnami Installations Using System Packages (which I've done and managed to make it work as wrote in this blog post), but I'd like to get it to work using Approach B and hence this question.

  • You are mixing the /opt/bitnami folder and the /home/bitnami one. In the /home/bitnami folder, you find the files you mentioned in your message but the /opt/bitnami folder contains all the files of the installation. Please follow the documentation (Approach B in your case) to add the pending configuration lines to the Apache's configuration – Jota Martos Sep 30 at 6:35
  • @JotaMartos the files for configuration (python, apache, apache2, ...) are in /home/bitnami/stack/ but there's no django there – Tiago Martins Peres 李大仁 Sep 30 at 6:41
  • You are using the latest Bitnami Django version so you need to follow the "Approach A" guide in our documentation. – Jota Martos Sep 30 at 9:23

The problem here is in the mentioning of the paths for both the project and Django.

Actual Bitnami folder

In my case, projects are under /home/bitnami/projects/ where I created a Django project named tutorial.

Also, if I run the command

python -c "
import sys
sys.path = sys.path[1:]
import django

it'll print me the location where Django is installed


Bitnami opt folder not as expected

So, the httpd-app.conf should have instead at the end

Alias /tutorial/static "/opt/bitnami/python/lib/python3.8/site-packages/django/contrib/admin/static"
WSGIScriptAlias /tutorial '/home/bitnami/projects/tutorial/tutorial/wsgi.py'
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