Everytime i pull the new Version of my Django app on my Server it doesnt keep the entries that i made. It only keeps the entries i made on my local Version. So all entries i did on my server are lost. Is there a way to keep the entries. I work with postgressql. So i tried to google the problem, but i couldnt find any solution to my problem. I work with digitalocean and ubuntu on the server. I dont think that it does matter but i want to give as much information as possible. Can i save the database or do i need to do anything completely different. I hope that you can help me figure this out.

  • Don't push your SQLite database file. Don't even add it to the repository. Now, save the remote DB, remove the DB from the repository, push (that removes the remote DB) and restore the DB from backup. Add the DB file to .gitignore. – phd Sep 30 '20 at 12:17

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