I am trying out elasticsearch with nest

I have set up elastic cloud and uploaded json, so it has 3 documents now.

Sample json as below

    "bookname":"TEST - Book",
    "metagroupname":"AAA Group",
    "contact":"Mr Test Tester",
        "itinsupplier":"Some supplier",
        "itinlocation":"Some location",
        "productname":"My product"
        "itinsupplier":"Some supplier22",
        "itinlocation":"Some location34",
        "itinoperator":"Car ",
        "productname":"My product555"

I am trying out below code from my .net c# app

var settings = new ConnectionSettings(new Uri("https://e0f09020a8844f1a86kjw873438734hj.ent-search.uksouth.azure.elastic-cloud.com"))
                                .BasicAuthentication("elastic", "xxxxx")
                var client = new ElasticClient(settings);
               // var r = client.Search<StringResponse>(s => s);
                var searchResponse = client.Search<Bookings>(s => s

                   .Query(q => q
                        .Match(m => m
                           .Field(f => f.lastname)

This produces below errors

Server Error : Type:  Reason: "Routing Error. The path you have requested is invalid.
Debug Information : Successful (404) low level call on POST: /documents/_search?pretty=true&typed_keys=true

Am I doing something wrong here

  • what is indices name? – hamid bayat Sep 30 at 14:09
  • @hamidbayat: Sorry quite new for this. Not sure what you meant? – user12073359 Sep 30 at 14:35
  • @user12073359 the .ent-search in the URL makes me think that you may be using Enterprise search on Elastic Cloud? If that's the case, Enterprise search does not use the Elasticsearch client. There is not a C#/.NET client for it at the moment, but one is on the roadmap – Russ Cam Oct 1 at 5:34

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