I use kvm-qemu to run vms. I need to create a live snapshot from a vm and be able to start the snapshot as a new vm (if needed on a different host).

I've tried the following tutorial https://elvishomelab.com/2019/09/16/kvm-external-snapshots-and-backups-part-1-using-virsh-blockcommit/ but it doesn't work, when trying to restore the backup it tells me that there's a generic problem and the snapshot can't be used.

my version of Qemu is 2.11.1(Debian 1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.32)

  • Please post the steps you tried. It will make easier to someone help you instead to open a link and try to understand the context from other site (that can become unavailable in future) – dpetrini Sep 30 at 19:40

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