I am getting a warning for the below code.

//someother class 
    uint32_t  uFileID;
    uint32_t  uDescriptionLen; 
    int8_t   szDescription[FILE_ID_DESCRIPTION_LEN];

//defined inside a function of someother class
int8_t  chTemp[EVENT_ID_DESCRIPTION_LEN + 1];

warning: pointer targets in passing argument 1 of '_builtin__strncpy_chk' differ in signedness

The value from which i'm storing from is also uint8_t and that gets stored onto is also uint8_t.what might be the cause of this warning. Thanks in advance.

  • It seems this question has been answered, don't you agree? – karlphillip Jul 4 '12 at 1:18

Actually, your code is defining int8_t (signed int) and not uint8_t (unsigned int) as you think. Did you spotted it?

You have to change your variable to:

uint8_t  chTemp[EVENT_ID_DESCRIPTION_LEN + 1];
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Remember that in C, the three types char, unsigned char and signed char are all distinct, and strncpy expects a char. If your int8_t is defined as signed char, you have conflicting types. Best to use an actual char, non?

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Can't you use memcpy instead?

memcpy(chTemp, pMsg->st.aDescriptions[nIndex].szDescription, EVENT_ID_DESCRIPTION_LEN);
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