I want to add a text field in a crosstab value field but getting error as below

"Variant or safe array index out of bound".

What is the solution. it is working in my old application compiled with vcl 5 but gives error when compiled with vcl 6

Error is displayed when report is run

  • Edit you question to add the code around where you get the error. – fpiette Oct 1 at 11:59
  • There is no code in report – Khawar Oct 1 at 18:43
  • No code? Where is you error popping up? Isn't it when you run your application? Run it under debugger, it will stop on the error (Exception?) and show you the offending line. Show the code around that line. – fpiette Oct 2 at 6:38
  • This is the complete error while debugging First chance exception at $751344C2. Exception class EVariantBadIndexError with message 'Variant or safe array index out of bounds'. Process BM.exe (5336) error is in fastscript source file fs_iinterpreter.pas – Khawar Oct 2 at 8:48
  • OK, and what is the code in fs_interpreter.pas around the line of error? – fpiette Oct 2 at 12:17

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