I am new to RingCentral. I am trying with RingCentral Swift for iOS application. I am checking the reference here.

I am getting following issue of compile failure:

*** Fetching Alamofire
*** Fetching ObjectMapper
*** Checking out ObjectMapper at "3.4.2"
*** Checking out Alamofire at "4.8.1"
*** Checking out ringcentral-swift at "1.0.1"
*** Checking out CryptoSwift at "0.14.0"
*** Checking out objective-c at "v4.8.5"
*** xcodebuild output can be found in /var/folders/49/ckkpnf9n6lgbfsfp407twf840000gn/T/carthage-xcodebuild.gTqjHT.log
*** Building scheme "Alamofire iOS" in Alamofire.xcworkspace
*** Building scheme "CryptoSwift" in CryptoSwift.xcworkspace
*** Building scheme "Framework (iOS)" in PubNub.xcworkspace
*** Building scheme "ObjectMapper-iOS" in ObjectMapper.xcworkspace
*** Building scheme "RingCentral_iOS" in RingCentral.xcodeproj
Build Failed
Task failed with exit code 65:  /usr/bin/xcrun xcodebuild -project /Users/......./Downloads

I searched the reason in the community but failed to understand why is the compile issue.

Please help.

  • If you have a near term issue, please create RingCentral support ticket so this request can be associated with your account.
    – Grokify
    Oct 6, 2020 at 15:59

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I am the author of that SDK. It has low priority because it doesn't have lots of users as the other SDKs (such as C# and JS). I've got your feedback and I will try to update the SDK this quarter. Thanks.


The Swift SDK hasn't been updated for years as referenced here:
The same issue was registered here: https://github.com/ringcentral/ringcentral-swift/issues/17
Maybe the Carthage version causing the issue. You can download their repository and open their Xcode project in the latest xcode, build the project and follow the steps here to resolve the issue: RingCentral: Build Failed Task failed with exit code 65: Carthage installation

As a workaround, if you are building a GUI app, you can use WebView and JavaScript SDK as suggested here for the same issue: https://community.ringcentral.com/questions/89996/couldnt-build-ringcentral-library.html

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