I have a Movie model that has a lot of many-to-many relations defined in Gorm. Now I have to create an API to query all the movies that have an ID in those relations.

Let's break it into small pieces:

Movie's model:

type Movie struct {
    TitleID           string     `gorm:"size:50;not null" json:"title_id"`
    OriginalName      string     `gorm:"size:250;not null" json:"original_name"`
    Categories        []Category `gorm:"null;many2many:movie_categories;" json:"categories"`
    Types             []Type     `gorm:"null;many2many:movie_types;" json:"types"`
    Directors         []Cast     `gorm:"null;many2many:movie_directors;" json:"directors"`
    Writers           []Cast     `gorm:"null;many2many:movie_writers;" json:"writers"`

My Query function:

func (u *Movie) FindMoviesByDirectors(db *gorm.DB, directors string) (*[]Movie, error) {
    var err error
    movies := []Movie{}
    err = db.Set("gorm:auto_preload", true).Where("directors = ?", directors).Find(&movies).Error
    if err != nil {
        return &[]Movie{}, err
    return &movies, err
  1. How can I query movies with an ID from the relation? (in my case, querying all the movies that have ID 1 as a director.)
  2. How can I extend it to query movies with multiple IDs and multiple relations? (for example, querying all the movies which have a [1,2] IDs for directors and [3,4] for the types.)

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Question Responses

  1. You could query the foreign key reference id in the many-to-many relation referenced (see samples below)
  2. You could use the IN operator to query multiple values at once. gorm supports this see https://gorm.io/docs/query.html

Possible Solutions

For this, your raw sql could look like :

    movies M
LEFT JOIN movie_categories MC on MC.movie_id = M.id
LEFT JOIN movie_types MT on MT.movie_id = M.id
LEFT JOIN movie_directors MD on MD.movie_id = M.id
LEFT JOIN movie_writers MW on MW.movie_id = M.id
  MC.category_id IN (?) OR
  MT.type_id IN (?) OR
  MD.director_id IN (?) OR
  MW.writer_id IN (?)

NB. I've used Left join in the event that a movie has no records in a particular relation. The where condition will ensure that desired records are returned. Furthermore the OR implies that any of these criteria can be met. If you would like all these criteria to be met you may use AND instead of OR.

Assumptions for possible solutions below

Assuming that

  1. the sql above was stored in a variable sql
  2. the desired category ids where stored in a an array categories eg. []int64{1,2,3}
  3. the desired type ids where stored in a an array types eg. []int64{1,2,3}
  4. the desired director ids where stored in a an array directors eg. []int64{1,2,3}
  5. the desired writer ids where stored in a an array writers eg. []int64{1,2,3}

You may modify your function signature as necessary to accept these parameters as desired.

Possible Solution 1

Gorm allows you to use raw-sql


result := db.Raw(sql,categories,types,directors,writers).Scan(&movies)
err := result.Error

Possible Solution 2

Gorm allows you to build your own joins using their query builder which may be useful if you would like to optimize the queries run on the db. For example, if your directors array is empty but categories is not, you could only query the categories relations. Moreover, you could fine tune your query with the builder object


var query = db.Table("movies") //or you could use db.Model(&Movie{})

query = query.Select("movies.*")

// begin querying relations
if( len(categories)>0 ){
    query = query.Joins("LEFT JOIN movie_categories on movie_categories.movie_id = movies.id");

if( len(categories)>0 ){
    query = query.Where("movie_categories.category_id IN (?)",categories);
//end querying relations
//you could repeat this for each relation

//With the Gorm query builder object store in query you can make other modifications before executing the query

result := query.Scan(&movies)
err := result.Error

Additional Considerations

If you are interested in querying all movies based on the category name, you could use the same approach through joins to write your query.

References/ Resources

Gorm Where In - https://gorm.io/docs/query.html

Gorm SQL Builder - https://gorm.io/docs/sql_builder.html

  • Thanks for your solution. I have an error when running possible solution 2, ERROR: syntax error at or near "$1" at character 138 pq: syntax error at or near "$1"
    – Mort
    Oct 17, 2020 at 12:25
  • it creates this query: STATEMENT: SELECT movies.* FROM "movies" LEFT JOIN movie_categories on movie_categories.movie_id = movies.id WHERE (movie_categories.category_id IN $1)
    – Mort
    Oct 17, 2020 at 12:38
  • 1
    @Morteza I've amended it to include query = query.Where("movie_categories.category_id IN (?)",categories); with brackets
    – ggordon
    Oct 17, 2020 at 23:29

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