I've got a question about the Vue watcher function. Can I watch the function? for example: when I click the submit button, the watch listens the submit button and handles the function in the watcher.

<b-table :fields="tableFields" :items="itemOfProps"/>
     form fields bla2

in script:

async saveGrant() {
     sends the fields of b-modal as post

async getProps() {
     sends the get request to server
     itemOfProps = {response.data}

in here watcher:

watch: {
here I need to watch b-modal's submit button or saveGrant
and re-call getProps() to render b-table again.

No, you can't watch a function.

If your goal is to run getProps again when saveGrant finishes, you can use await for that:

async saveGrant() {
    // sends the fields of b-modal as post
    const result = await myRequestCall();
    // now myRequestCall is done
  • Thank you much. I found a solution that I can define another function that claims saveGrant, getProps functions. ``` async refresh() { await this.saveGrant(); await this.getProps(); } ``` – yondkoo Oct 5 '20 at 6:25

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