I wanted to use Bootstrap icons next to text to help differentiate options/items in a simple webpage I'm designing, but the <svg> elements are slightly off relatively to the text. I'm using Bootstrap 4.0.0 with a personal css file to tweak a couple of things.

Both the HTML and CSS I used are in https://www.codeply.com/p/MU4zE84NJc, where the problem can be seen in the table items. It's minimal but I can't leave it unsolved.

Any idea how can I make sure the <svg> elements stay aligned with the text?

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    Could you provide the code here instead, please? Preferably in a snippet. – Richard Hunter Oct 4 at 4:45
  • I didn't provide a snippet because it was too much code imo, will do next time. Anyway, it's solved already, thanks for the interest :D – CelticJordan Oct 4 at 11:30

Try using "vertical-align" property to svg element.

Like text-bottom, text-top

svg {
  vertical-align: text-bottom;
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  • The "text-top" managed to fix it, thank you so so much :3 – CelticJordan Oct 4 at 11:29

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