Is there a way to get a list of the currently loaded IPython extensions?

For example if I load the extension autoreload into IPython with %load_ext autoreload or by running:

from IPython import get_ipython
ipython = get_ipython()
ipython.magic("%load_ext autoreload")

Is there any way to show that I have loaded this extension?

I have attempted this by directly accessing the input history with something like

from IPython import get_ipython
ipython = get_ipython()
hist = ipython.extract_input_lines("0:100")

But it turns out that IPython does not store inputs with magic functions here or in the history list accessible with In and _ih. Only lines executing plain Python appear to be saved.

This scheme wouldn't work generally anyway. If a script called with runfile ran load_ext, all that would be seen in history would be something like runfile('script_name.py', wdir='path/to/wdir').


Figured this out by poking through the %load_ext code:

from IPython import get_ipython
ip = get_ipython()

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