my VSCode used to show the last commit message next to each line of code.. but after I reset my Windows and re-installed the VSCode, the extension was gone. I already installed Git History by Don Jayamanne, and I can commit and push to my git repo but the commit message for each lines of code is still not there. what am I missing?

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Check if adding the Git Lens plugin is enough to restore that feature.

I get most of Git features on VSCode from that plugin.

Here are just some of the features that GitLens provides,

  • an unobtrusive current line blame annotation at the end of the line with detailed blame information accessible via hovers
  • ...
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    that's it!! thanks so much! I've been struggling with having to switch tabs and windows for months because I haven't found the right one. I wonder why I didn't think to ask in SO earlier. thank you SO.
    – dapidmini
    Oct 5, 2020 at 6:54

Install "Git Lens" extension

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