how to collect an array passed by laravel controller and retrieve it by javascript. I have a controller which to the laravel view passes an array called retiquetas which I want to retrieve in javascript, I need to know how to retrieve an array passed by the controller. ERROR Array to string conversion


   $etis = EtiquetaPresupuesto::where('presupuestos_id', $id)->get();
    // Log::info("etis: " . $etis);
    $cadenaEtiquetas = "";
    $contador = 0;
    foreach ($etis as $eti) {
        $cadenaEtiquetas .= $eti->etiqueta->nombre;
        array_push($idEtiquetas, $eti->etiquetas_id);
        if ($contador != count($etis) - 1) {
            $cadenaEtiquetas .= ", ";

 return view('presupuestos_contabilidad/info-presupuestos', [

        'etiquetas_id' => $idEtiquetas,


var etiquetas=<?php echo $etiquetas_id; ?>;
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    One option is to json_encode the array in your controller and then parse/use the JSON object in JS. Oct 5 '20 at 19:08

unfortunately you currently cannot fetch an array directly from php to js. Encode it in json (json_encode) and get it via ajax in js

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