I need to use excel to extract numbers from 34"51'53.878 into separate cells as follow




I was able to figure out the 34 and 53.878 using below but unable to do the 51 (mid) part.



I think I have to use Mid function but not sure exactly how.


if one has the dyanamic array formula in Office 365 put this in the first cell:


And excel will spill the results to the right.

enter image description here

If not put this in the first cell:


And drag to the right:

enter image description here


MID function takes arguments (Text, Start index, number of characters)

You can figure out the number of characters by taking the end index - the start index - 1(to drop the last quote):

=MID(C1,FIND("""",C1)+1, FIND("'",C1)-FIND("""",C1)-1)

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