In H2O Driverless AI, there is a feature in which after we upload a dataset, we can see visualization of the dataset in various plots. So is there a way I can share this graph to a different person in H2O Driverless AI, so that he/she can see the graph dynamically.

Please note that : I dont want to download the graphs, because if I do that, the graph will become static.

What I want is to share the graph to a different person so that he can view the live graph without giving my account credentials.

Is there any way to do this in H2O Driverless AI ?


Each user/account is separate so the dynamic graphs won't be shared. However, you could create a notebook and share that usugin the Python client to build the visualizations. Check out this example which uses Autoviz and Python client.

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  • but still we need to provide username and password right ? in the doc its mentioned cli = Client(address=address, username=username, password=password) which requires credentials to initialize a client. – Firenze Oct 13 at 6:08
  • Yes, the user will need to log in as the licensed user for that instance – Neema Mashayekhi Oct 14 at 23:17

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