Minimal reproducible repo: https://github.com/ShocKwav3/babel-node-basic

I am trying to setup debugger with vscode for a nodejs app. I am running the app with babel-node. No matter what I try, the breakpoint shows unbound. I am running the app with this command

nodemon --exec './node_modules/.bin/babel-node --inspect= src/bin/www'


FROM node:12
WORKDIR /usr/src/app/home_automation_server
COPY package*.json ./
RUN yarn install
COPY . .

Compose config:

    image: home_automation_server
      - .:/usr/src/app/home_automation_server
    working_dir: /usr/src/app/home_automation_server
      - 3000:3000
      - 9229:9229
      - db
      - redis
      - servernet
      - ./server.env
      - ./database.env
    command: ["sh", "entrypoint.sh", "run"]
    tty: true


  "presets": [
        "targets": {
          "node": "current"
  "plugins": [
    ["module-resolver", {
      "root": ["./"],
      "alias": {
        "projectRoot": "./",
        "src": "./src"
  "sourceMaps": "inline"


      "type": "node",
      "request": "attach",
      "name": "Debug: HA dev server",
      "port": 9229,
      "restart": true,
      "trace": true,
      "address": "localhost",
      "localRoot": "${workspaceFolder}/src/bin",
      "remoteRoot": "/usr/src/app/home_automation_server/src/bin",
      "protocol": "inspector",
      "sourceMaps": true

When I connect the debugger it connects If I use inspect-brk the app stops at first line and when debugger connects I can step through. But when I set a breakpoint it does not work and grays out. Says "Unbound breakpoint" What am I doing wrong? I have been at this for a long time and tried almost everything I could find by searching through google.

  • Appreciate its not quite the same issue. I had a problem unbound breakpoints in Angular using VSCode. There is some information that may be useful in this github issue. Note, you can collect a debug trace from VSCode following the suggestions in this comment (part of the same github issue)
    – 0909EM
    Oct 7, 2020 at 22:40
  • Posted the issue in vscode's github, It has a fix now on the nightly build. github.com/microsoft/vscode/issues/108418
    – ShocKwav3_
    Oct 17, 2020 at 10:37
  • 1
    I feel your pain, setting up launch configs in VSCode is a black art, and it takes me hours or even days every time I need to do it. The Node.js website says all you need to do is create a new project and press F5, but this is total bull****
    – bikeman868
    May 16 at 3:50

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I had a similar problem with unbound breakpoints. My issue was an incorrect field in my launch.json:

"localRoot": "${workspaceFolder}/server",

I had forgot to include the /server. My launch.json file was back one directory relative to the nodejs app I was trying to debug in my directory labelled /server.


I had a similar issue, the problem was with launch.json, I had in the property "program": "app.ts", I changed to "program": "$ {file}"**. I could only test the app.ts. In the other files, the breakpoints were set to "unbound" Here is my launch.json


    "version": "0.2.0",
    "configurations": [
            "type": "pwa-node",
            "request": "launch",
            "name": "Launch Program",
            "skipFiles": [
            "program": "${file}",
            "sourceMaps": true,
            "preLaunchTask": "tsc: build - tsconfig.json",
            "outFiles": [
  • Thanks for posting your launch config. When I tested this, I got different behaviors depending on how I set my default profile for the terminal window. Which profile are you using?
    – bikeman868
    May 16 at 3:55

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