I created a react formik form that consists of several components. I need pass down the useFormik object to the components of the form. What is the right type for formik?

Parent form

 const formik = useFormik({ ...

Child component

interface IAddressBoxProps {
  skip: () => void
  formik: any

const AddressBox: React.FC<IAddressBoxProps> = (props: IAddressBoxProps) => {
  const { skip, formik } = props

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When you're unsure of a type, you can use typeof formik to get the type for that variable.

The hook signature is

useFormik<Values>(config: FormikConfig<Values>): FormikProps<Values>

So the return type is FormikProps with a generic that depends on the values of your form.

import {useFormik, FormikProps} from "formik";

interface MyValues {
    id: number;
export const MyComponent = () => {
    const formik: FormikProps<MyValues> = useFormik<MyValues>({});

Hook Docs

Typescript Playground


This may be old but your interface can be like this

interface IAddressBoxProps {
  skip: () => void
  formik: FormikProps<InitialValuesInterface>

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