I have a questions regarding facebook android SDK and more specifically:


basically what I need is to use the graph api to get the friends list. From what I can see on the docs there needs to have some: friend-list-id but I dont understand how to obtain it.

I tried their sample apps but did not find any example there or anywhere on the web

Also I tried requesting that endpoint: "/me/friends" but it returns me empty data and the total count of friends (because it returns only the friends that actually installed my facebook app).

So after all is it even possible to get all friends list with a metadata of every friend?

  • No you can only get friends that have granted permission to the app – WizKid Oct 10 at 15:28
  • Anyone else here with advice? – Dobri Kostadinov Oct 12 at 7:13
  • Advice about what? It is impossible to do what you want. – WizKid Oct 12 at 17:36

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