I don't think there's a way to collect install data (such as utm params) when you use facebook install app objectives.
You can only see what facebook provides you on their dashboard

(I wonder why facebook refuses to give customers a power to collect data.)

You can instead use traffic objective. Then you can use any url you want and forward the user to app install (by means of firebase dynamic link or similar)

  1. Has anyone used facebook traffic over install ads objective for this reason? and how was the result? (did the install rate drop significantly?)

  2. Is it possible to tag app install ads? (We want to know how many installs are from facebook ads in our internal system, usually we would add utm_source=facebook and count the installs with the tag. (How facebook measure app installs - Android/IOS says it's not possible, that's what I keep finding whenever I look into this, but not sure if things changed)

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