I'm using json.load to read the contents of a .json file. It normally works, but will sometimes throw a json.decoder.JSONDecodeError exception for certain decimal values (0 to 1) like this:

"foobar": {"min": .1, "max": .7}, #Invalid

Strangely, values above 1 work fine:

"foobar": {"min": 1.5, "max": 83.2}, #Valid

It also works if I enclose the decimal values in quotes, like this:

"foobar": {"min": ".1", "max": ".7"}, #Valid, but treated as strings

But I don't want them to be treated as strings; I want them to be decimal values just like all the other numbers in the file. How can I do that?


Like many other implementations, Python's json module requires number values to have a leading digit:

"foobar": {"min": 0.1, "max": 0.7}, #Valid

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