The typescript compile show this error:

Source has X element(s) but target allows only 1.

export const FooMapping: [{id: FooOperation, display: string}] = [
    { id: FooOperation.Undefined, display: 'Nothing' },
    { id: FooOperation.A, display: 'I'm A' },
    { id: FooOperation.B, display: 'I'm B' }

export enum FooOperation {
    Undefined = 0,
    A = 1,
    B = 2,

What is the correct way to define an array of special object of {id: FooOperation, display: string}?

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I had the same problem. The braces have to go after the type:

const FooMapping: [{id: FooOperation, display: string}] 

should be

const FooMapping: {id: FooOperation, display: string}[] 

Easy way to remember this is to replace the object with a type and see if it makes sense:

[string] doesn't work but string[] does

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    Literally facepalmed over this one. Thanks for this answer. Commented Dec 3, 2021 at 2:58
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    This was my problem, but more specifically I wanted an array of arrays of a type, wasn't sure of the syntax so I guessed [Item[]], got OP's error. Changing it to item[][] fixed it.
    – Kenmore
    Commented Feb 9, 2022 at 21:42

[{id: FooOperation, display: string}] defines a tuple of exactly one element.


export const FooMapping: Array<{id: FooOperation; display: string}> = [
    { id: FooOperation.Undefined, display: 'Nothing' },
    { id: FooOperation.A, display: "I'm A" },
    { id: FooOperation.B, display: "I'm B" }

Or think about something like:

interface Foo {
  id: FooOperation;
  display: string;

export const FooMapping: Foo[] = [...];
const sendArr
    : [{
      entity: string | number | undefined,
      identifier: Array<string | Types.ObjectId | undefined>//[Types.ObjectId | string | undefined]
    }] = [{
      entity: '',
      identifier: [undefined]

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