We have a project going on with several microservices created with jhipster. Recently we had to include a .NET core based microservice into project. I managed to register the service to eureka, but I cannot figure the way out to authenticate the .NET service using the UAA we use for other services. Basically what we have is;


  • Gateway
  • UAA
  • MS1
  • MS2 ...


  • MS3

In java microservices, this is handled by gateway, uaa, and the application.yaml file of the service. For example in one of the services (that isn't gateway or uaa), in application.yaml file there is a section as follows;

    public-key-endpoint-uri: http://myuaa/oauth/token_key
    #ttl for public keys to verify JWT tokens (in ms)
    ttl: 3600000
    #max. rate at which public keys will be fetched (in ms)
    public-key-refresh-rate-limit: 10000
    #keep in sync with UAA configuration
    client-id: web_app
    secret: changeit

I thought maybe putting this section in appsettings.json would work, but it didn't. I searched for .NET core microservice authentication and the results I found usually used middleware for authentication. I don't know how I can implement the java kind of authentication on .NET one like that.

I am also new to microservice structure (just got included to project) so from what I understood, request comes to gateway, gets authorized by gateway <-> uaa communication and goes through to perform action in the desired service.

Any help to redirect me to a solution is appreciated.

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