With Flutter 1.22 we received a new widget OutlinedButton which is made to replace OutlineButton but how we can actually make its border rounded? borderSide and shape properties are not available anymore.


You can use OutlinedButton.styleFrom property:

   style: OutlinedButton.styleFrom(
      shape: RoundedRectangleBorder(
         borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(18.0),
      side: BorderSide(width: 2, color: Colors.green),
   onPressed: () {},
   child: Text('Button'),

From the source code

 /// All parameters default to null, by default this method returns
 /// a [ButtonStyle] that doesn't override anything.
 /// For example, to override the default shape and outline for an
 /// [OutlinedButton], one could write:
 /// ```dart
 /// OutlinedButton(
 ///   style: OutlinedButton.styleFrom(
 ///      shape: StadiumBorder(),
 ///      side: BorderSide(width: 2, color: Colors.green),
 ///   ),
 /// )
 /// ```

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