I am new to ABP Framework (abp.io).

I want to customize _layout.cshtml.

It seems the _layout is in base classes. So how can I override it. And design my own _layout and use over all pages ?

  • ABP Framework is different from ASP.NET Boilerplate; the former is vNext of the latter. See: Which is the real ASP.NET Boilerplate project? – aaron Nov 8 at 13:06
  • Lots of thanks @aaron, I read your comment, where you referenced, It was so helpful and time saving! According to your comments, it seems I start my project with asp.net boilerplate, due to better documentation and knowledge base and my thin knowledge about ABP. So is it possible to do my question, in asp.net boilerplate ? – Behnam Ghasemi Nov 8 at 14:42

to do what you mention you must go to mvc / Views / Shared / Layout / _Layout.cshtml there you can customize the default layout. In case you want to override the layout on a particular page you must set it to null, Layout = null

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  • Thank you @Washyn Heloo. As I mentioned, I asked my question in [abp] [asp.net boilerplate] framework. This is deferent from asp.net MVC – Behnam Ghasemi Nov 8 at 11:47

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