I have an input date by user like this: 1979-06-13

Now, i want to compare the year:

foreach ($list as $key) {
    $year = 1979;
    if ($key > $year) { //only the year
        echo (error);

How can I get only the year?



With strtok:

$year = strtok($date, '-');

If you want the year as integer, you can also use intval:

$year = intval($date);

Probably more expensive, but possibly more flexible, use strtotime() to convert to a timestamp and date() to extract the part of the date you want.

$year = date('Y', strtotime($in_date));
  • $year = date('Y', strtotime("2012")); is giving me 2013 right now with php 5.2. – Timo Huovinen Jul 22 '13 at 10:35
  • I think the idate function is more appropriate than date. – Patrik Jul 22 '18 at 8:49

you could explode the date.

$inputDate = "1979-06-13";
$myDate = 1979;
$datePieces = explode("-",$inputDate);
if (intval($datePieces[0]) > $myDate){
  echo "error";



Heres an easy and exact way.

//get first 4 characters only
echo $yearOnly;

and one more thing to know, in some cases like, for example when the date is like 2010-00-00 the date function don't work as expected, it would return 2009 instead of 2010. heres an example

$yearOnly = date('Y', strtotime($dateProvided));
//we expect year to be 2010 but the value of year would be 2009
echo $yearOnly;

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