I am trying to forward events between 2 Riemann servers in an unfiltered format with a simple config as follows similar to the example in the riemann.io page :

(def forward-events
    (async-queue! :queue
                  {:queue-size 1e5}
                  (let [riemann-client1 (r/tcp-client {:host xxxx :port 5555})]
                    (forward riemann-client))
                  (let [riemann-client2 (r/tcp-client {:host xxxx :port 5555})]
                    (forward riemann-client2)))

(let [index (index)]
   (batch 5000 1

Basically, the aim is the events is mirrored to other Riemann servers where actual processing of events are done.

Initially, it works but within a few hours when the load increases it starts breaking with data not getting forwarded to the Riemann servers downstream and throwing ClassCastExceptions.

How can the approach be made better to scale? Are there better ways to forward the events to 2 or more different Riemann Servers?

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