I'm having a problem with an IIS6 301 redirect.

I've set up the following redirect for the domain domain.com to go to www.domain.com$S$Q under the Home Directory tab in Site Properties.

If I navigate to domain.com I get redirected to www.domain.com with no problems. But if I go to domain.com/dir I get redirected to www.domain.com/dir/dir.

What I'm doing wrong?


You want to follow these instructions to set up an HTTP 301.

Edit: For what its worth it sounds like you need to check "The client will be sent to a permanent redirection for this resource" on the Home Directory tab.

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    Thanks Andrew. I'd followed those instructions. I have the permanent redirect box checked. It seemed to want the 'Exact url' box to be checked also. I had it set up before and don't remember needing to check that box. Not sure why I have to now. – Mr. Flibble Mar 13 '09 at 16:26

Checking the " The exact URL entered above" checkbox seemed to fix the problem.

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