I have generated two entities:

SaleOrder SalesOrderItem

OrderItem is detail , SaleOrder is master

I map them use JDL:

relationship OneToMany {
     SalesOrder{orderItems} to SalesOrderItem{salesOrder}


studio screen display UML, enter image description here

Is this direction the opposite?

Object relationship is: enter image description here

Indication by E-R :

enter image description here


Since "SaleOrder" is the Master, you better have its ID or OrderNo in SalesOrderItem It's better if you map the relationship this way :

relationship OneToMany {
     SalesOrder to SalesOrderItem{orderNo}
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  • Thanks for your reply,I want to be clear the “OneToMany” relationship is represented by uml aggregation or E-R connection? – helleye Oct 19 at 9:23
  • this is a issue github.com/jhipster/jdl-studio/issues/117#issue-723286100 @SonOfHarpy – helleye Oct 20 at 1:08

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