I want to convert every occurrence of a ';' into '@', but only if it is not quoted (discard the quotes in this line). The reason behind it:

Assembly language syntax of arm-asm has ';' as the comment sign and everything after a ';' is a comment. Despite of something like ';' or ";".

I suggest the following 'sed' script as a solution and would like to put it to discussion, in case I overlooked something:

File s:


File testcase:

ABC r1,';'
ABC r1,";"
; ";" ';'


$ sed -f s testcase
ABC r1,';'
ABC r1,";"
@ ";" ';'

I found that e.g.

        .include "stm32f407.s"        ; target register defines
        .set    PLLP, (DIVP - 2) / 2        ; some other comment

doesn't pass the test.

So hopefully this makes it now:

sed -e "s/^\([^(;\'\")]*\)\(;\)\(.*$\)/\1@\3/" -e "s/^\([^;]*\)\(;\)\(.*\)/\1@\3/"  $1

Caveat: the script works for BSD sed (e.g., macOS), not GNU sed.


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With Perl (which is more portable than sed, provided the Perl interpreter is available)

perl -pe 's/(?:\x27;\x27|";")(*SKIP)(*F)|;/@/'
  • (?:\x27;\x27|";")(*SKIP)(*F) any text satisfying (?:\x27;\x27|";") will not be changed, \x27 is single quotes in hexadecimal format
  • |; specify what should be changed as an alternate
  • use the g flag if you want to replace all such occurrences
  • use perl -i.bkp if you want in-place editing (just -i if you don't want a backup)

This might work for you (GNU sed):

sed -E 's/(["'\'']);\1/\1\n\1/g;s/;/@/;y/\n/;/' file

Replace all ; between quotes or double quotes, with newlines.

Replace the first occurrence of ; with @

Replace all newlines with ;.

N.B. To replace all occurrences, use:

sed -E 's/(["'\'']);\1/\1\n\1/g;y/;/@/;y/\n/;/' file

This solution might work with all sed versions:

sed -Ee 'G
        s/.$//' file

It uses the fact an empty hold space appends a newline i.e the G command appends a newline, which can be captured and used in substitutions.

  • Thanks, but your examples both don't work. They should leave ; in quotes or double quotes untouched at any rate as well as ; already being in comments.
    – Krischu
    Oct 15, 2020 at 11:57
  • @Krischu are you using GNU sed?
    – potong
    Oct 15, 2020 at 12:25
  • I'm using macOS (OpenBSD) sed. Thanks. Your scripts worked both when using GNU sed (tried them both under UBUNTU)
    – Krischu
    Oct 15, 2020 at 12:46

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