I have a web application that I have to make within 2 months and it consists of first detecting medical devices connected to a computer network and then registering them automatically. I was thinking of going on JHISPTER but I have no clues to start because I did not network. Could you please tell me how you would go about developing a web application that basically manages to detect medical equipment on a network. That is to say which language, Framework or libraries are you going to use and why. Thank you

  • Have you researched into anything yourself? Any language, framework or libraries you have considered using and why? – Oozeerally Oct 15 at 10:43
  • It depends on the protocols that your medical devices use for communication. I mean if they use MODBUS then you should check the libraries for MODBUS etc. So first try to learn how your medical devices communicate! – Onur Baştürk Oct 15 at 10:46

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