Please tell me what im doing wrong in here:

I get the following error Type '{ wishList: any; addBookToWishList: (book: any) => void; }' is not assignable to type '{ wishList: never[]; }'. Object literal may only specify known properties, and 'addBookToWishList' does not exist in type '{ wishList: never[]; }'.ts(2322)

import React, {createContext, useReducer, useEffect} from "react";
import AppReducer from "./AppReducer";

//initial state
const initialState = {
    wishList: [],

//create context
export const GlobalContext = createContext(initialState);

//provider component

export const GlobalProvider = (props:any) => {
    const [state, dispatch] = useReducer(AppReducer, initialState);


// actions
const addBookToWishList = (book : any) => {
    dispatch({ type: "ADD_BOOK_TO_WISHLIST", payload: book })

            wishList: state.wishList,
  • You’ve got a lot of missing and mismatched curly braces. Your return statement is actually within the addBookToWishlist function because you’re missing the } on the end. – Linda Paiste Oct 16 at 2:32

What a mess... first create type of your wish list item;

i gess book

  type Book = {
      title: string,

  const initState = {
      wishList: new Array<Book>(),

  const addBookToWishList = (book: Book) => {
    dispatch({ type: "ADD_BOOK_TO_WISHLIST", payload: book })
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