I have class with variables, I want change variable value by another function in external file

Class code

frappe.ui.Notifications = class Notifications {
    constructor() {
            .with_doc('Notification Settings', frappe.session.user)
            .then(doc => {
                this.notifications_settings = doc;

    make() {
        this.$dropdown = $('.navbar').find('.dropdown-notifications');
        this.$dropdown_list = this.$dropdown.find('.notifications-list');
        this.$notification_indicator = this.$dropdown.find('.notifications-indicator');

i wand change variable this.$dropdown

frappe.ui.Notifications.$dropdown =  $('.Header').find('.dropdown-item-notifications');
  • Any answers or solution ? Oct 16 '20 at 14:20

The Notification class instance is set at frappe.frappe_toolbar.notifications. You can use it to override the property.

frappe.frappe_toolbar.notifications.$dropdown = $('.Header').find('.dropdown-item-notifications');

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