I have followed Facebook's guide for implementing login into ASP.NET CORE MVC, using Secrets AppID/AppSecret and added the service as shown into startup.cs.

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
   services.AddDbContext<ApplicationDbContext>(options =>
       options => {
           options.SignIn.RequireConfirmedAccount = true;

   // Add facebook authentication service
   services.AddAuthentication().AddFacebook(options =>
       options.AppId = Configuration["Authentication:Facebook:AppId"];
       options.AppSecret = Configuration["Authentication:Facebook:AppSecret"];
       options.AccessDeniedPath = "/AccessDeniedPathInfo";

I receive the error message below when I click on the Facebook button in both Register and Login. Any ideas would be appreciated as I'm a newbie. Thank you in advance.

InvalidOperationException: Unable to resolve for service type 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.identity.SignInManager`1[Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.IdentityUser]' while attempting to activate 'Website.Areas.Identity.Pages.Account.ExternalLoginModel'.

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