I am just studying the Docker and found out it seems that we don't need to run docker-tutorial image and the port:80 is always listened on just like below picture: docker tutorial

At first, I thought it is automatically managed by Docker Desktop. But it is not. Because after I close the Docker desktop completely, it is still there. I even run a command to check the process of port 80 and no process is there: check port 80 when no process is on this port, it is still running. It drives me crazy. I do have followed docker start tutorial to run this tutorial web application and at that time I can also open localhost:80. After that, I have stopped and removed container and even the image as well as closing the Docker app, the page, however, is still there. Does any have encountered this situation or have any idea? How does Docker do this?

After a day, i start my mac again without running Docker and it is still there in a messy way: messy one


Try stopping the container. E.g.

  1. List running containers.
$ docker ps

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                    COMMAND                  CREATED              STATUS              PORTS                NAMES
4b223e7cc8c5        docker/getting-started   "/docker-entrypoint.…"   About a minute ago   Up About a minute>80/tcp   wonderful_goldstine
  1. Stopping the docker/getting-started container with its container ID.
$ docker stop 4b223e7cc8c5

  1. At this point, the container will have stopped and port 80 will be free. It will still be on your machine if you ever want to restart it, but you can remove it with:
$ docker rm 4b223e7cc8c5

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  • I don't think you get the question. I stop all the containers and the Docker app itself and all containers are removed. I have even restarted the mac. It is still there but in a messy way – Stan Peng Oct 17 at 12:47

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