I need to change few settings in RDS MySQL parameter group. I was wondering if it's safe to perform these changes or should I take a preventive approach ?

Here's the parameters I need to change:

  • binlog_checksum = none
  • binlog_row_image = full
  • binlog_format = row

In general it should be safe. These are typical steps to enable replication with a external DB or a cross region replica. There are some articles from AWS like this one that goes about that. I read several in the past and never found any specific warning, other than the fact that crash recovery can take longer once binary logs are enabled. But in general it shouldn't be a concern because it doesn't affect the capacity of recovery so you won't see yourself in any real trouble.

Regarding binlog_checksum this will disable logging the checksum of events, which in general won't cause any problem, but in case your binary logs are enabled -not sure if this is the first time you enable it or you are just doing changes- you may want to think if you are using that for anything at all. If nothing comes to your mind, most probably you are not using it.

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  • Can binary logging cause extra charges? If yes, then will you please Edit your Answer with a little use case. Thank you. – Achyut Vyas Oct 17 at 10:58

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