I have a month column in MMM-YY format over two years (Month = FORMAT('Actual (2)'[Date].[Date],"mmm-yy") and I have sorted by another column called FiscalMonth (FiscalMonth = (If( Month([Date]) >= 7 , Month([Date]) - 6,Month([Date]) + 6 )), which represents our fiscal calendar. When I create a viz though I get the months from both years in order and not the months from the first year first and then the second year's months.

pbx viz


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Create a sort column to solve this.

MonthSort = CONVERT(FORMAT('YourDateTable']'Date', 'yyyymm'), INTEGER)

Then, on your tool bar, "Column Tools" tab, tell PowerBI to "Sort Column By" this value. This uses the display you want and the sort you need.

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