I need somone to help me understand why I'am not able to change the column types when reading a csv file in pandas. I have a dataframe that looks like this:

montant CODE_NAF    select_categ
85455   0.00    6622Z   0
33643   -0.08   930G    1

and so I'am sure that the 'montant' column is a float, I save the dataframe and then use it in another script that do a preprocessin using SKLEARN pipeline. Tom make it work I have to give the type when reading the csv again and so in the script there is something like:

parser.add_argument('--train', type=str, default=os.environ['SM_CHANNEL_TRAIN'])
feature_columns_names = [

label_column = 'select_categ'

feature_columns_dtype = {
'montant': np.float64,
'CODE_NAF': str}
args = parser.parse_args()

# Take the set of files and read them all into a single pandas dataframe
input_files = [ os.path.join(args.train, file) for file in os.listdir(args.train) ]
if len(input_files) == 0:
    raise ValueError(('There are no files in {}.\n' +
                      'This usually indicates that the channel ({}) was incorrectly specified,\n' +
                      'the data specification in S3 was incorrectly specified or the role specified\n' +
                      'does not have permission to access the data.').format(args.train, "train"))

raw_data = [ pd.read_csv(
    names=feature_columns_names + [label_column],
    dtype=merge_two_dicts(feature_columns_dtype, label_column_dtype)) for file in input_files ]
concat_data = pd.concat(raw_data)

I'am trying to reuse an existing example when I try the example with their data it works, when I change just the csv file that I pass to the script it fails to cas the variables. And I get this error:

ValueError: Unable to convert column montant to type <class 'numpy.float64'>

Of course I tried to read the csv as it is and then change type with pd.to_numeric() and it works but the problem is that this preprocessing script need to have the types when reading the csv. That way when new data arrive the columns will be formatted when reading the csv otherwise it will not work well. I'am so confused first on why the type of the column change to String when I read it in the script and also why with the example data they are able to change types with the exact same way.

Any help please

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