I'm trying to add a logo overlay to a video in firebase-cloud-functions using ffmpeg. I have sucessfully run this command on my local machine. I can't seem to access more indepth logging that just failed with code 1, and unsure what might be causing this issue ( the source files referenced exist in their location ).

await spawn('ffmpeg', ['-i', filePath, '-i', logofilepath, '-filter_complex', '"overlay=20:20"', targetFilePath]);

console.log('Video with logo @', targetFilePath)


ChildProcessError: ffmpeg -i /tmp/input.mp4 -i /tmp/logo.png -filter_complex "overlay=20:20" /tmp/output.mp4 failed with code 1

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    I found this community post with a problem very similar to yours (only difference is that it is in AWS), and the solution is that you have to force to ffmpeg the exit format by adding the -f parameter to your ffmpeg call, in that case you would have the following paramaters: ['-i', filePath, '-i', logofilepath, '-filter_complex', '"overlay=20:20"', "-f", "mp4", targetFilePath]. Try it out and let me know if it works. – Rafael Lemos yesterday
  • @RafaelLemos still the same issue unfortunately – David yesterday
  • Is this the only error that appears in the logs? Could you share more of your function so that I could try and replicate the issue? – Rafael Lemos 8 hours ago

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