I have configured Magento2.3.4 on docker(windows 10 using docker toolbox). Then I added another service "redis" into my docker-compose file and started using redis for backend cache and page cache in Magento2.3.4. I'm getting "MySQL adapter: Missing required configuration option 'host'" sometimes not always. Even frontend working but not backend. I teardown all docker containers and removed all docker volumes, build fresh from the docker compose file and now not able to setup upgrade. I debug a little and found that anyhow Magento is trying to connect to MySql multiple times and in the last attempt database configuration is empty (but in env.php) it's there.

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Same here; solved by adding 'host', 'dbname', 'username' and 'password' in db > connection > indexer with same data as db > connection > default in app/etc/env.php file

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