I would like to debug an issue with DynamoDB. The provided expression refers to an attribute that does not exist in the item

For that I'd like to log all requests made to a DynamoDB Table from AWS (not from the lambda code). I have the RequestId in the error and I wish to be able to search for it to find the exact requests with its parameters.

I have looked into AWS Cloudtrail but it seems to only log Management Operations not all gets and all puts done to DynamoDB.


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    I don't think DynamoDB Streams will help you as it won't include failed API requests afaik. You should be able to enable a logger for most of the AWS SDKs so that might help log your API requests. Or simply add explicit tracing/logging prior to all PutItem requests in your application(s). – jarmod Oct 17 at 15:00

You will need to add this level of data plane logging to your application as currently CloudTrail only supports logging of control plane operations for DynamoDB.

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