Using the CGEventTap way, I am able to intercept the media keys (F7 - F9) in my application and prevent stuff like iTunes from opening. However, is there a way to change the icon that's displayed? For example, when playing a youtube video in safari or music in iTunes, the button will change from 'play' to 'pause' as appropriate, but in my case it remains as the generic 'play/pause' button.

There's clearly an API to do this, but I haven't found it yet.

EDIT: for clarification, I'm not talking about the "App Controls" touchbar that any application can show; rather I'm talking about the touchbar that is shown when "Expanded Control Strip" is selected in system preferences -- the one that is global across all apps.

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I found the solution, it is MPRemoteCommandCenter. First, you must setup the handlers:

let remote = MPRemoteCommandCenter.shared()
remote.playCommand.isEnabled = true
remote.playCommand.addTarget { (MPRemoteCommandEvent) -> MPRemoteCommandHandlerStatus in 
    // ...

Note that from my experience you might need to setup handlers for playCommand, pauseCommand, togglePlayPauseCommand, nextTrackCommand, and previousTrackCommand in order for this to work.

Then, to actually change the button state, use MPNowPlayingInfoCenter.default().playbackState, which can be .playing or .paused or whatever.

However, in my case since I was already hooking the media buttons through another mechanism, the handlers I setup above do nothing; they just need to be there apparently so the OS knows about your app. Setting the playbackState still works.

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