I have two masks containing two shapes that are close to being rectangle shapes.
Example mask (yellow):
enter image description here

Now I want to determine which one of those masks is closer to being an actual rectangle than another.

Is it possible to achieve it?

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    How do you quantify closer? If you go by angle, the purple rectangle is closer. "All squares are rectangles", right? But if you go by lengths of sides, the yellow trapezium is closer to being a square. – Susmit Agrawal Oct 17 at 18:30
  • well I mean it's only one of the two squares (yellow), I haven't posted the second one, I will clarify it with an edit. Also, I quantify closer by going by angles. – Jakub Balicki Oct 17 at 18:39
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    Measure Rectangularity? – eldesgraciado Oct 17 at 18:49
  • yes, that would be a goal – Jakub Balicki Oct 17 at 18:53

Get the difference in area between the contour and the (rotated) rectangular bounding box. The one with the smallest difference in area is closest to rectangular.

See either cv2.boundingRect() or cv2.minAreaRect() for the area of the rectangle and cv2.findContours() and cv2.contourArea() for the object area.





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  • Thank you very much, that worked like a charm :) I used ratio instead of difference tho. – Jakub Balicki Oct 20 at 21:24

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