I'm building a chat app with Firestore and each chat room has a map of participants like so:

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The keys are the corresponding UIDs of the users. I want to use this map to decide which user can access a chat. In my security rules, I currently check if the logged-in user's UID exists in this map to allow read and write access:

allow read, write: if request.auth.uid in resource.data.participants

But this only checks if the user is in this map, not if the value is actually true. I want to check that as well.

What I basically want is something like this:

allow read, write: if resource.data.participants.request.auth.uid == true

But this does not actually work. How do I use the current user's UID as the key in a map check?


Use square brackets to index into the Map using any string expression you want:

allow read, write: if resource.data.participants[request.auth.uid] == true
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  • I was close :) Thank you very much, that was incredibly fast! – Florian Walther Oct 17 at 20:44

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