I need to provide many small file inputs to ffmpeg executable on command line and I am way beyond the maximum command length for the command line. I need to provide the input list as a file. Is it possible?

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    Not possible... – Gyan 2 days ago

Yes, just pass input files to -i option:

ffmpeg -f concat -i concat.txt -c:v hevc_nvenc 1.mp4


file '001.mp4'
file '003.mp4'
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  • Ok but I don't want to concat the files.I would like to run a filter_complex on the inputs. – ed22 2 days ago
  • Okay, put input files in a file on Linux: ffmpeg -i $(cat files.txt) ... – electron 10 hours ago
  • I can't pass the file names as parameters with the "-i" options as that causes the entire command to exceed the maximum command length supported by terminal. – ed22 7 hours ago

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