I am trying to update an entry on MongoDB using the code below. I want it so that it updates the 'name' field pertaining to the studentid posted from the html form. I keep getting a syntax error for unexpected ) even though I have changed it around a lot to no avail. I got this code straight from the MongoDB documentation too?

require 'vendor/autoload.php' ;
$client = new MongoDB\Client('mongodb://');
$db_name = 'studentsinfo';
$db = $client->$db_name;
$collection = $db->students;

  $update = $collection->updateOne([
  'studentid'=> $_POST['studentid'],
   [ '$set' => [ 'name' => 'Brunos on Astoria' ]]
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  • what is the syntax error exactly? – Marcello Perri 2 days ago
  • @MarcelloPerri unexpected ')' expecting ']' , but when I change the bracket then it throws another one expecting ')' or ',' to the point where it is a never-ending loop – nkgloading 2 days ago
  • please see the answer below – Marcello Perri 2 days ago

Missing square bracket ] in your updateOne method:

     $update = $collection->updateOne(
     ['studentid'=> $_POST['studentid']],
     [ '$set' => [ 'name' => 'Brunos on Astoria' ]]
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  • Now, it is saying Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function updateOne(), 1 passed, and at least 2 expected – nkgloading 2 days ago
  • we are going somewhere then, what is $set in your code? – Marcello Perri 2 days ago
  • actually, there are too many brackets in your code, I have updated the answer, have a look now please. – Marcello Perri 2 days ago
  • I was just taking a look at that. I am not sure what that is. I assumed it was a reserve word or function? because I have no $set variable. I copied it directly from docs.mongodb.com/php-library/v1.7/reference/method/… – nkgloading 2 days ago
  • have a look now – Marcello Perri 2 days ago

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