I am new to coding but having trouble when things are more complicated.

What i am loking for is to have Users with user_type previleges within "tbl_user" and to have relationship with another table called "tbl_order", where i can collect data from users for example (o_id, o_date, o_name, o_decription, o_status, o_value).

Regular_Users can have access to read all data but add, edit and delete only their own data, Admin_users can have all previleges to add, update and delete the data within all tables.

If anybody have any source similar to what i am asking would aprichiate, if nobody doesnt have anything like that please just help me on creating a PHP table form to LIST, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE data from PHP from relationshiped tables.

With hope that someone can help me solve this issue

Best regards

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  • FWIW, I would not give DELETE privileges to 'regular users' - I'm not even sure that I'd give it to administrators. – Strawberry 2 days ago
  • It would be beneficial to first of all sketch out all the operations you need to support, and then how you might implement them. And then ask when a particular aspect of the implementation evades you. As it stands, this question is way too broad to be answered. – Markus AO 2 days ago